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Caymana Consulting - 4 Things to Know Before Building Your Own App | Web Development, Online Marketing & Hosting
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It’s a dream for so many of us nowadays – that lightbulb goes off, you just thought of an amazing solution to a common problem that you, and many you know, have been dealing with! Its time to build an app for your brilliant idea, and simply watch the money roll in. Sorry to burst your bubble, before someone else inevitably does at least, but application engineering, mobile security, and software development as a whole are a bit more complicated than that. Before you get into the actual application engineering part of it, there’s a few things you have to understand first. Generally, there are countless apps out there, and odds are, no matter how bright or unique you might think your idea is, someone has already made an app out of it. But that’s not the end for you, every successful app has got its competitors, especially if its really that good of an idea. Regardless, lets say you do have a unique application engineering idea, and its time to move forward. Most people have no idea how to even start such a project, but that’s where a company like Caymana Consulting comes in. Caymana Consulting is a digital marketing and IT development company, that generally specializes in providing SEO (search engine optimization) and other digital marketing solutions to businesses, large and small. But part of the work the team at Caymana Consulting often does is to create apps for their clients. Doctors, lawyers, restaurants, after succeeding in most of their beginning marketing goals, tend to get a bit creative and application engineering can often take them to the next level and provide a completely new means of communication with their client base. It will generally be a huge benefit to have a company like Caymana Consulting build out your app – for one, they have done it before, and two, their experience means they already know what critical factors to look out for when it comes to application engineering like mobile security or OS integrations. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, lets get back to the idea stage of things. So, EUREKA! That big idea just came to you, before you go emailing developers and perusing coding forms, there’s a few points you need to think about.

· Does your app promote an existing business or are you trying to make money from it?

A company like Caymana Consulting provides mainly a digital marketing service, using web development or application engineering as a means of achieving that task, to great effect. Apps truly are great promotional tools for any business, no matter how large or small it might be. This is generally much easier than the latter choice. You really don’t have to learn much about the process at all, simply take all your companies’ materials to an application engineering group and tell them what you want it to look like. Think of at least one good function that the app can perform as the App Store and Google Play Store won’t usually publish apps that are PURELY marketing material. But if your goal is to make money, then try to spend as little as possible, as the less it costs, the sooner you will become profitable. Do your research and frame your idea as something that is already popular and has traction within the app store, this will reduce risk. You can even purchase source code and learn to alter it yourself, and save money on application engineering costs, of course, be aware of issues like mobile security and user data.

· iPhone? Android? Or, Both?

This is something you should know before taking the idea to any other parties, as Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) apps require it to be written in different languages and require different mobile security measures – most people will choose one or the other in an effort to cut costs. Generally, choosing iOS apps is the safer bet, as more individuals use iPhones than Androids, and sometimes it can be difficult to earn revenue within the Google Play Store, as there are a lot more free options for things.

· Free or Paid?

When it comes to the App Store or the Google Play Store, some apps are free, and others cost money. Generally, if your app performs a vital function or something users simply cannot get for free, AND you use a strong application engineering team like Caymana Consulting who took time to implement things like mobile security into the app, then you can charge for it. Otherwise it will be difficult to get people to pay for anything non-essential, when free versions exist. Also using certain advertising networks like ChartBoost or PlayHaven you can have ad networks find advertisements for your app(s) and earn revenue that way.

· Will you learn to build the app yourself or hire someone to do it?

This is one of the most important things to think about. Do you have the time as well as the prior technical skills to learn application engineering yourself? Most people simply don’t, but if you truly want to build apps and even have a chance at earning a lot of money from it, its best to learn to build them yourself. The more you spend on someone to build it for you, the longer it will take for you to become profitable. Look online, there are tons of courses out there for coding and development. However, there is merit to having a company like Caymana Consulting build your app for you. As we stated, they have the experience, and the knowledge to lookout for things like mobile security, and they have done it before – so the app will likely turn out well. Plus Caymana Consulting is a strong digital marketing agency, that can help you to market your app, and attract far more users than you would be able to yourself. Unless, of course, you’re app is just that good or you get lucky and it becomes a viral sensation.

If you’re looking to market your business through an app or simply looking to turn that great idea into a App Store best seller, application engineering is a difficult but rewarding process. For more information, or for help with the development of your app, contact Caymana Consulting today.