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Marketing Caymana Consulting NYC - Introducing Indiba To The US Market | Web Development, Online Marketing & Hosting
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Caymana Consulting – Introducing INDIBA To The US Market

No matter what industry you might be in, one thing necessary for every business is a strong digital marketing presence and a unique online brand that speaks to the prospective customer base. For years the internet may have just been an add-on to more traditional marketing strategies like mailers, flyers, and even telephone marketing. However, in the digital age, a marketing agency like Caymana Consulting must provide clients a number of different solutions to increase awareness of their business, and all of its products and services. Some of the most notable digital strategies include things like SEO or Search Engine Optimization – a means of manipulating search engine results to better exhibit a companies profile on the web through specific keywords, Social Media Marketing – Using platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to spread awareness of a business and communicate important information to current and prospective consumers, and email “blasts” or newsletters. Caymana Consulting uses some combination of these methods to introduce and inform the public about your business – while simultaneously showing how your business (and its products & services) can better address their needs or concerns, then the competition. And in no industry is a modern digital brand more important than in it cosmetics or the aesthetics industry.

As a specialty of Caymana Consulting the Aesthetic industry includes a host of different segments, including medical doctors like plastic surgeons, and dermatologists; as well as estheticians and medical spas. A recent case study shows us how Caymana Consulting was able to employ a number of unique, and revolutionary digital solutions to help introduce the masses to a company called Indiba USA, the makers of the Indiba Activ Cell Therapy system Now the Indiba Activ Cell Therapy device created by Indiba USA is marketed exclusively in the US by a company called Luna America. As a client of Caymana Consulting, Indiba USA and Luna America were looking to employ simple, yet modern techniques to introduce their products to the American consumer, mainly the Indiba Activ Cell Therapy device.

Now to begin with the first, and likely, most important facet of Caymana Consulting’s plan was to bolster the search engine results through SEO. Using unique, and well written code Caymana Consulting was able to redesign the Luna America website and specifically the Indiba Activ Cell Therapy page to be more pleasing to the search engine. The fact is that Google runs the world, and the number one method consumers use to find businesses, products, and information is through the search engine. So by identifying important keywords consumers may use to find products or services to remedy their aesthetic issues – Caymana Consulting was able to ensure that the Indiba Acitv Cell Therapy page would come up within the top-3 on any SERPs (search engine results pages). Meaning if a consumer were to be looking for a means of improving their blood circulation, recovering from injury, achieving better skin, improving their metabolism, and overall wellness (all this performed by the Indiba Activ Cell Therapy device) they would see the Indiba USA page before any of their competition. In addition to this, Caymana Consulting also made sure to vastly improve elements of the site, and their Google listing – making it more appealing and engaging to the consumer once they reached the page.

By adding things like vivid images, quality, short, well-written (and catchy) content, and high-resolution videos – the designers at Caymana Consulting created pages in which the consumer would not only be educated on their aesthetics issues, and realize that Indiba Activ Cell Therapy was the solution, but in addition they would be met with easy to see, call to action buttons. These clear and concise buttons allow consumers to make purchases, and order treatment immediately after being educated on the device. This vastly increases the chances they will make a purchase and helps to further them along the buying process more efficiently than any other means. While this may seem fairly simple and straightforward, this does take countless hours of work, and a high level of expertise. Using the search engine, Caymana Consulting was able to introduce Indiba USA and the Indiba Activ Cell Therapy device to the American aesthetics market within only a few months. Now of course, in digital marketing the job is never truly complete. For any business to thrive they must continually evolve. Caymana Consulting continues to improve upon their website, add new and unique keywords, and continue to perform SEO on the older ones. In addition, they are also working on social media, and sending out email marketing campaigns monthly. The fact is that the world is too fast paced today to stop and feel the breeze, while you might be resting your competition is making moves to improve – to market your aesthetics business you must continue to adapt and use newer platforms and techniques. To help market your business in the aesthetics world, contact Caymana Consulting today.